Rave Reviews For Our Ferrofluid Displays

  • "I absolutely love this makes quite a pair with my ORIGINAL Lava Lamp (1960's model). Only negative is that once you 'become one' with the ferrofluid you're hooked. Two thumbs up for this."

    Jonothan Bradley

  • "Very cool lamp! Great conversation piece. People play with it for hours on end. Size is better (larger) compared to other like items. This is about the same size as a normal lava lamp."

    Angela Venucki

  • "The display itself is mesmerizing. You can lose track of time just playing with it. In fact the only negative thing I can say about it is that I can't stop playing with it."

    Chris Thompson

  • "Somebody invented a ferrofluid lava lamp and it's even cooler than it sounds"

    Digital Trends

  • "Ferrofluid makes the lava lamp cool again."


  • Got my lamp in the mail yesterday but had to wait until today to try it out. Turned it on and went and did some other stuff for about 20 minutes. Came back to calibrate it and didn't even realize until now that I had been playing with it for over an hour. What a fantastic item!"

    Andrew Foxton