Our History

Inspired Designs LLC got it's start by launching a successful campaign on Kickstarter for ferrofluid displays. Our founder, Kyle Haines, has a background in semiconductor manufacturing and nanotechnology. He is passionate about the importance of nanotech and the potential good it holds for the future. 

We continue to bring new products to market via kickstarter, but also offer products for sale directly on our website and other sales channels. 

Project Pages

Visit our Kickstarter project pages:

Ferrofluid: A Symbol of the Future 2.0 (2016)

200+ backers, over 18k raised, successfully funded in just 5 hours!

Ferrofluid: A Symbol of the Future (2014)  

900+ backers, over 88k raised, tons of press coverage!



Comments or questions? Contact the creator and Founder of Inspired Designs, Kyle Haines!

Email: k.nano.haines@gmail.com