Our History

Inspired Designs LLC got it's start by launching a successful campaign on Kickstarter for ferrofluid displays. Our founder, Kyle Haines, has a background in semiconductor manufacturing and nanotechnology. He has been developing our products for 6 years.

We continue to bring new products to market via kickstarter, but also offer products for sale directly on our website and other sales channels. 

Project Pages

Visit our Kickstarter project pages:

Ferrofluid: A Symbol of the Future 2.0 (2016)

200+ backers, over 18k raised, successfully funded in just 5 hours!

Ferrofluid: A Symbol of the Future (2015)  

900+ backers, over 88k raised, tons of press coverage!



Comments or questions? Contact the creator and Founder of Inspired Designs, Kyle Haines!

Email: k.nano.haines@gmail.com