'The Illumination' Ferrofluid Display

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Ships 8/12/19

This Does NOT act as a lava lamp. Instead, it has magnets at the bottom of the bottle to keep the ferrofluid spiky at all times. The ferrofluid comes in different shiny colors and the light illuminates the color. Modern minimalist look.
A 450 ml glass bottle with 15 ml of vibrant colored ferrofluid inside magnetized to a permanent magnet at the bottom.

The bottle is crimp sealed and comes with a very large magnetic wand.

What's Included 

  • Base
  • Bottle
  • Cap
  • Light bulb
  • 4 hematite magnets
  • 1 neodymium disc magnet
  • 1 black magnet wand

International customers may have to pay taxes/fees at customs.
US standard 120 volt. International customers will require a converter.

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