Learning Through Play

Learning through play is a well established concept that is usually only associated with young children, but we think it applies to adults just as well. We are working on developing educational material to compliment our products should they pique your curiosity enough to warrant investigation (we hope they do). We want to present the science to you in a fun and interesting way, as well as help you find out where to go to learn more.

Our Science Center and Learning Center are under development. They will be established at a .org website soon. Below is the material we originally made for the kickstarter.

Ferrofluid and Nanotech

Ferrofluid is an example of nanotechnology and when presented in the right manner is very successful at creating interest were there was none before. This is because of natural curiosity. We want to encourage that curiosity as well as the imaginative thinking that comes with it. We want to remind people there's still so much to discover and explore. 

 "Nanotechnology. The science is good, the engineering is feasible, the paths of approach are many, the consequences are revolutionary-times-revolutionary, and the schedule is: in our lifetimes." - Stewart Brand

Why is Nanotechnology Important?

Nanotech is a disruptive technology. It creates new possibilities and makes things that once seemed impossible very real. Ferrofluid is just one small example of this. Researchers are currently creating other meta-materials that sound like something straight out of a sci-fi movie or video game. 

For example, we have created objects that can bend light completely around themselves, making them invisible. We have business suits already on the market that use carbon nanotubes to make the fabric bullet proof. The potential game changing uses for carbon nanotubes alone generates a long list. New applications and discoveries are being made in this field regularly. 

Additionally, nanotech fuels Moore's Law...

Exponential growth is explosive. Every 25 years the processing power of computers grows by a factor of 1000!

The Science

Okay, if you've read this far your probably interested in the science behind it. Good for you!

First, I want to highlight the size 10 nm because that is the size of the nanoparticles in the ferrofluid...