Safety and Care (The Inspiration)

Small magnets can be lethal if ingested.
Small magnets pose a choking hazard.
Do not use any bulb higher than 15W to operate this device.
Do not use an alternative heat source to operate this device.

This is not a toy.

How to Care for Your Display (The Inspiration)

  1. Do not keep the ferrofluid magnetized when no longer using the device. Doing so may damage the ferrofluid and/or cause sticking/staining on the glass.
  2. Do not excessively shake the bottle. Doing so may damage the consistency of the ferrofluid.
  3. In order for the display to operate correctly, the spring should lay flat on the bottom of the display immersed in the ferrofluid. This is important. Make sure it’s properly in place now.

Note: Every Inspiration is unique. There will be small differences in flow behavior from display to display and flow behavior can change over time as your Inspiration matures (up to 30 days). The ambient temperature, humidity, and airflow will all affect the flow of the ferrofluid when operating as a motion lamp.


Emulsion (tiny ferrofluid bubbles/brown suspension liquid, 'murky')

When the ferrofuid is shaken vigorously it will create an emulsion with the suspension liquid. This may happen during shipping. It will eventually settle as the droplets coalesce and fall to the bottom. Another remedy is to collect the ferrofluid with the magnets. Be careful not to magnetize the spring in the process. If droplets of ferrofluid are still floating around, leave the display undisturbed for up to an hour and try again. Every situation is different and sometimes it helps to turn the display on and let it cycle a few times then turn it off.

Sometimes it takes awhile for the brown suspension liquid to clear up and it just needs to sit for a few days. 



Bubbles may form in the ferrofluid. This could be trapped liquid and/or gas. Turning the display on and letting the ferrofluid flow properly will help these substances find their way out. They can also be released by simply magnetizing the ferrofluid to pop the bubbles. Have fun!

Won’t Flow

We recommend starting with the provided 10 watt bulb.

If the ferrofluid becomes trapped at the bottom and doesn’t flow properly, make sure the coil is properly in place. The ferrofluid should completely cover the bottom of the bottle and flow up from the center. If it creeps up the side and leaves the center exposed, it may not flow properly. Simply move the ferrofluid with the magnet so that it covers the bottom properly. Refrain from magnetizing the coil as much as possible as this will only exacerbate the issue.

If the above does not work, replace the 10 watt bulb with the provided 15 watt bulb.


If your display gets too hot, the ferrofluid will float to the top and stay there. Simply turn your display off and let it cool down. You can also blow cool air on it.

Ferrofluid Floats to Top (with no heat)

After long periods of rest, the ferrofluid may start to float to the top. To restore the ferrofluid and bring it at rest at the bottom, simply use a magnet to mix the ferrofluid at the top and bottom together.

Important: Your display works best with a 10W bulb. The socket can handle a 30W bulb, but your display cannot; It will cause excessive overheating and possible permanent damage. Also, 30W will make the metal base hot and unsafe to touch!