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The Official Story  

Ferrofluid was invented by NASA in the 1960's as experimental rocket fuel. It's a magnetic liquid comprised of iron oxide nanoparticles. We have a secret proprietary blend that preserves the ferrofluid in the bottle as well as another proprietary blend that gives the ferrofluid a green color.  

The 'glowing' effect of the clear fluid is from a fluorescent dye. It glows under normal light, but especially bright under black light. It doesn't glow in the dark.  

Move along. Nothing else to see here.

Alien head ferrofluid

vanessa rene

New and Improved 

'The Rocket' Magnetic Ferrofluid Lava Lamp differs from the first lamp we made. The obvious difference is the new rocket shape.  

The shape also makes the lamp 33% larger than the first version so you get more fluids. It's also half the cost of the first version when we first introduced it.  

The new version also has an improved formula that even closer matches the iconic lava lamp.  

It's basically bigger better and more affordable than the first version.

'The Rocket' Ferrofluid Lava Lamp

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