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The Nano

The Nano ferrofluid display



We've decided to introduce a smaller, more affordable display. The Nano is a smaller version of The Thinker. It's not a billion times smaller (as the prefix nano usually implies), but it's difficult to get it any smaller. The Nano also has a friction fit seal to keep it's contents from being easily accessed and is made of plastic to prevent breakage. It may be small, but it still gets the job done. 


The Nano ferrofluid display

The Nano is now available on Indiegogo!


We plan to offer a new generation of products through kickstarter on a fairly regular basis - most likely once a year.

We would really like to create a fan base through kickstarter by offering our backers from previous projects exclusive sneak peaks of what we are planning to launch next. This will give them the chance to give feedback and also give them first access to early backer discounts.

We really like kickstarter and want to give our backers special treatment. A members-only side of the website is being developed to continue to offer exclusive deals to our kickstarter backers that are interested, so create an account for exclusive deals if that's your kind of thing.

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